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What makes a great Diaper Backpack

We are often asked what makes a great diaper backpack and how much should they cost? To start, we suggest you think about just how often you can be away from home for hours if not sometimes days like vacations or staying with family for the holidays. The Active Doodie Diaper Backpack bag has expandable pockets that allow you to pack a little or a lot. Many diaper bags are good for a few hours but don't underestimate just how much space you may need for a day at the beach or park. Our line of diaper bags all come with a changing pad for those anywhere situations and we highly recommend making sure whatever diaper bag you get it comes complete with a good sized and easily accessible changing pad.

Another feature to consider is cost. Many diaper bags cost well over $150.00 and to some that may be O.K. but we designed our Active Doodie diaper backpacks to have all the same features and durability at a lower cost by using smart design technology.

Lastly, look for a good warranty as any diaper bag will take a beating. All Active Doodie diaper backpacks come with a 10 year warranty - most are about a year. I think a warranty tells a lot about how the company views the quality of their bag and so should you.

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Mar 17, 2019 • Posted by Greg

I was looking at one of those $150.00 bags you mention and glad I found this post. We ended up getting the Active Doodie Dad Squad for much less and it is worth every penny, great diaper backpack guys.

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