What to put in a Dad Diaper Bag

What to put in a Dad Diaper Bag
Top 6 Items for a Dad Diaper Bag

Ziploc Bags (Freezer Bags)
A few of these can be a life saver as the unexpected happens. There are products out there called “Wet Bags” but in our experience they are difficult to clean and I can say from experience, disposable in this case is good, very good. (just think about what might go in these so-called “wet bags”).

More Baby Clothes
Let’s see… What is the best way to emphasize that you will never have enough extra clothes? Babies are messy, the world is dirty and there is nothing you can do about it; other than have more clothes.

More Shirts for You
Perhaps we covered this with the previous item but to be clear; babies are messy and they will make your favorite shirt look like a 1970’s tie-dye before you had your first coffee. Toss a couple in for yourself and stay looking sharp.

So you might be thinking, no kidding but I’m not talking about for drinking. Wet wipes help clean up some messes sure but sometimes you need more cow bell so to speak. Having extra water to rinse something off is like when you get a parking spot right up front, it just feels good to have it.

Hand Sanitizer
Are you seeing a theme here?

Snacks for All
Finally, something you might not have already thought of. Sure snacks for the little person is obvious but you are now officially busy AF and will often either forget to eat or just run out of time. Carry something you will actually eat like jerky or maybe more jerky.

Obviously there are a lot more things you need and many equally as important but instead of trying to think of something new just so this post feels unique to other lists and gets clicks isn’t what Active Doodie® Dad Diaper Bags is all about.

Instead we give this advice. You will never be fully prepared and searching the internet for answers is fine to a point but Stuart Smalley this thing man. "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me."

Just think of it like if you were packing to go on a long vacation or camping and you’ll be just fine. (unless you have never done either of those things, then I'd search the hell out of the internet for sure).

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