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Tactical Diaper Bag Backpacks and Gear


Purpose-Built Dad Diaper Bags for the most important tactical adventure of all, being a Dad. Active Doodie® is a brand representing a movement of empowering Dads to be tactical, active and live a healthy lifestyle. We lovingly say "real men don't use left handed monkey wrenches" so get the right tactical gear for the job, an Active Doodie® Dad Diaper Bag. Our mindset is always the same... build the world's best Dad diaper bags that can handle the destruction that often comes with kids. So gear up and start the adventure, Active Doodie® has your back! Tactical Baby Gear

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We know our Active Doodie® Dad Diaper Bags with Tactical Style have to stand up to the destruction that often comes with kids so we guarantee it with a 10 Year Warranty. We built our diaper bags with "Dad Strength" down to the last stitch and designed tactical features to give you a rest when needed. Don't worry the Active Doodie® Diaper Bag will be ready to go when you are.

We ONLY use 600D Polyester. There is a reason this stuff is tactical military grade. Many bags use 400D to save money but that material is 3 times weaker than our 600D Polyetser. A single trip to visit the grandparents can be a Charlie Foxtrot and we all know it. So toss it, drop it, drag it... Active Doodie® Diaper Bags can handle it!


Being a Dad means you carry stuff, a lot of stuff. So you can either be the guy that gets an Alpha Charlie from the wife for forgetting something or you get the right tactical tool for the job. Active Doodie® Dad Diaper Bags are big, REALLY BIG. Each of our bags come with a tactical cinching system on each side to keep your baby's gear tight and right no matter the load.

With 6 compartments and pouches you can marshal your diaper bag and leave the other Dads envious. From Diaper Pouch to Camo Changing Pad and Insulated Baby Bottle Holder to keep your kids next meal at the right temp, you can crush this Dad thing. Life can sometimes be a soup sandwich but we got you, go adventure!

Active Doodie Tactical Diaper Bags for Dad


Ditch the flowery over-sized purse

O.K. it's time to talk about it. We at Active Doodie® call it the "TAILGATE TEST". It's pretty simple. If you wouldn't bring your current diaper bag to a tailgate party with your friends, then it's time to get an Active Doodie® Diaper Bag for Men.

Our Dads are always telling us they use their Active Doodie® Bag to go to the gym, hiking and even a carry-on flight bag. Simply put, ditch the diaper bag made for someone else and get the multipurpose diaper bag made for you. So grab your Active Doodie® and get on to those other adventures, like the gym and be a proud Dad :)


Active Doodie® is the only purpose-built diaper bag for Dads to give a tactical advantage. Designed by a Military Veteran who served in Afghanistan we understand that good design means everything has a place to be stored and purpose of use.

We like to say life can be a soup sandwich and being prepared is the first step to a tactical advantage. Our diaper bags for Dad are loaded with features to handle whatever the adventure. Taking the family camping? Load your extra baby gear and camping supplies on our modular molle webbing like a boss - a tactical boss! So get up, dust off and start the adventure with Active Doodie® Diaper Bags for Dad, we got your back.

Active Doodie Baby Bag Features


Being a Dad means you sometimes have to change a diaper while out and about and the world is not a clean place. In other words, we did the recon and most public men's rooms are a real sh** show. Each of our Active Doodie® diaper bags come complete with a 11.5" by 23" changing pad to give a little comfort and create a sanitary barrier between that questionable public changing table and your little person. You can crush this Dad thing, Active Doodie® has your back!

FACT: Men's bathrooms are gross


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Active Doodie Diaper Bags for Dads Tactical Style Baby Bags
Active Doodie Diaper Bags for Dads Tactical Style Baby Bags
Active Doodie Diaper Bags for Dads Tactical Style Baby Bags
Active Doodie Diaper Bags for Dads Tactical Style Baby Bags


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